Hypnosis ehancing your performance

Hypnosis can be used to enhance sexual pleasure beyond belief.

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The reason hypnosis can enhance sex is not because it is some sort of magic, but because as you are under a trance, your insecurities and limiting beliefs about sex can be put aside to allow you to feel the full potential of the sexual pleasure your body is capable of.


What can you expect?

Sex under hypnosis can help you (whether you are a man or woman) to orgasm if you have difficulty having strong or consistent orgasms. If you don’t have that problem, hypnosis can help you take your sex to the next extreme of sexual pleasure.

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The possibilities are so endless, that most novices would have a hard time believing that some of the things I’m about to mention are even possible. For example, you can learn hypnotic triggers called “anchors” to instantly induce an orgasm on command, it works with both men and women…

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Women can develop extended orgasms, multiple orgasms and even the strangest sexual fantasy can seem completely real under hypnosis. For example, you can hypnotize your girlfriend to think she’s a virgin again, and the sexual experience would seem extremely real.

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Hypnosis to wipe away past trauma

You can use hypnosis to wipe away past trauma that might inhibit your ability to feel sexual pleasure. Sex for women is much more closely tied to their emotions. They have great difficulty letting go of bad experiences in the past which hold them back from experiencing immense pleasure now.

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Hypnosis is actually quite easy to learn. You can learn it in less than five minutes. If you’d like to learn more about using hypnosis to enhance your sexual pleasure, visit my blog NOW!


Feminization Hypnosis

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When people think of hypnosis mind control, they usually imagine a person or a group of people being injected with medications and forced to watch crazy videos. This is a totally false notion.

Hypnosis mind control is a method based purely on psychology. The practitioner uses conversational hypnosis to influence a person to do something that he wants this person to do. If you have read more on the subject, you will now that this method is totally ethical as well.

The process for influencing the mind of a person is completely technical. It has a number of stages that you have to perform. I will show you how to perform these stages using the some of the best techniques.

Building rapport is the first stage of the hypnosis mind control process. You have to connect to the other person on a subconscious level so that he will be more open to accepting your suggestions.

There are various methods for building rapport. Mirror imaging is the most subtle and effective of all. That is why it is recommended by experts in hypnosis mind control.

In order to make a more powerful and effective suggestion, you might want to use pacing and leading. The simplest technique for applying this method is to make two statements that are true and then add a third one that the person will accept as true.

Using the example given above, you can say to your child, "You are out of bed. You are ready to go to school. You want to go to school and have fun." This will certainly produce the desired results.

As you can see, hypnosis mind control is a completely safe method that can be used even on the people you love. It is totally ethical and, in fact, in many cases it can help the person you are influencing feel or do better.

You have just learned how to apply hypnosis mind control. These techniques will help you achieve the desired results, but, if you want to become a master of influence, you should keep learning and expanding your knowledge.


Easy Hypnosis Method

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The following article will shed some light on the various myths and facts surrounding the art of Hypnosis.

One: A hypnotist has the ability to completely assume control over a persons' mind.

Perhaps this is one of the most widespread myths related to hypnosis. This myth is not even overtly exaggerating; it is completely false. Hypnosis is essentially about regaining control over one's mind through practice. Self-control thus achieved is employed to make the mind stronger. No hypnosis will try to control and dictate what your mind should do. Very simply, no hypnotist has the power to control your mind unless you truly permit it to happen. The hypnotist will only make positive suggestions that may or may not be accepted by you. The subconscious mind will always refuse to accept suggestions it does not want to.

Your hypnotist is not some supernatural being with extraordinary powers. He's human, just like you and me, and his art is to condition the human mind through positive suggestions making things better for you.


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