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What criteria should you look for when choosing a hypnotherapist?

First, find out if the hypnotherapist in New York is certified by a professional hypnotherapy association independent from where they learned hypnosis. Try their hypnosis downloads first to get a feel if it works for you.

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That means if there are any unresolved complaints about their practice, they can be held accountable and not be re-certified.

You can also contact the association in New York to learn if the hypnotherapist has a history of complaints. Beware of bait and switch!

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If the hypnotherapist practices other modalities, such as Reiki, Tarot, massage, or does psychic readings or psychotherapy, chances are you are going to get a “watered down” version of hypnosis, rather than what you might get with a practitioner who specializes solely in hypnotherapy.


If self hypnosis instruction and techniques included

Fifth, and most important, find out if instruction and techniques of self-hypnosis is included.

Do they record the session, provide reinforcement recordings, or is there an extra cost for that?

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Reinforcement of your desired behavioral change is paramount and best done at home where you want the results, not in their office.

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Otherwise, you will be paying full price for a reinforcement session in New York that would be more empowering for you to learn how to do on your own, says Michael Jemery


Easy Hypnosis Method

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Psychosis is a broad term that refers to the symptoms of a range of mental illnesses and is generally characterised by delusions, hallucinations, an inability to evaluate objectively and serious defects in judgement and other cognitive processes, examples of such illnesses might be Schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

The encyclopaedia Britannica defines psychosis as 'A severe mental disorder, with or without organic damage, characterized by derangement of personality and loss of contact with reality and causing deterioration of normal social functioning'

A large variety of mental and physical symptoms such as bodily tics, compulsions, phobias and anxiety would be described as neuroses. They are all characterised by having no clear organic or neurological cause and differ from psychosis in that they are all non-specific mental illnesses that can trigger feelings or of distress but do not prevent rational thought, they may impair but not prevent normal social functioning.

Anti-psychotic medication can be used to control the symptoms and people experiencing the condition can have recurrent episodes in response to further stress.

Psychotherapy is known to be an effective treatment in dealing with the emotional stress that triggered the episode, and in helping the person establish coping strategies to minimise the effects of future stressful situations to prevent recurrence.

Psychotherapy is increasingly being looked on as an important alternative to drug therapy alone. One fifth of all patients with long term psychotic illnesses do not respond solely to medication and so using psychotherapy as part of an integrated approach can be very effective. It is important to remember that hypnotherapy is not suitable for use with patients experiencing any form of psychosis.


The Physiology of Hypnosis

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Hypnosis can be done with different methods. You can hypnotize someone using traditional hypnosis method ( Using swing watch), using positive reinforcement method and using conversational hypnosis method. Using swing watch also you can hypnotize someone. Hypnotists used to use swing watches in previous century. As time goes, many method has been introduced to hypnotize a person. Positive reinforcement is the easy hypnosis method you can use to hypnotize subject.

What actually a positive reinforcement method is? In this method you as a hypnotist use positive reinforcement to take subject in to trance state. The basic steps of hypnosis remains same. You ask subject to become relaxed. You give instructions how to be relaxed, in the mean while you give positive reinforcement that helps subject in becoming relaxed and thus you take subject in to trance like state. Once subject is in trance state you take a command of subject and give the suggestions.

4) After your subject become relaxed and reached to trance state, you can take a command and give suggestions to your subject. Remember even in hypnotic state, you can not make your subject do any things which is against his or her moral.

I think this is the easiest method to hypnotize a person. Just follow few simple steps and subject will be under your control.


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