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Beginning of hypnosis in Hypnosis Download

Since the beginning of hypnosis in New River, there has been an ongoing debate as to the reality of he process.

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There are as many individuals in New River who believe that hypnosis is a real state of consciousness as there are individuals who do not believe hypnosis is real.


Whether hypnosis can be induced

In an effort to prove whether or not a state of hypnosis can be induced, the scientific community in New River, Arizona has performed its own studies and garnered significant information.

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Scientists have subjected individuals to a host of Hypnosis Download examinations to determine if there are any physiological changes that take place in the body during hypnosis.

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Results have been interesting and enlightening

The results have been interesting and enlightening. After hooking people up to a multitude of machines, scientists have discovered that, although there appears to be little change in the body during hypnosis, the brain itself may experience significant alterations.

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Although these are just preliminary studies on Hypnotherapy that need a lot more research, the results are exciting in that they obviously indicate that the brain is experiencing some sort of change during hypnosis.


Hypnosis effect on brain waves

The alteration of brain waves and brain activity as viewed on EEGs and MRIs, clearly indicates that hypnosis has a direct effect on the human brain, which is exactly the center that hypnosis strives to reach.

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Further study, including the use of control groups, may target the area or areas of the brain that are being activated during hypnosis.


Indirect Hypnotic Suggestion - How to Use It

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Psychosis is a broad term that refers to the symptoms of a range of mental illnesses and is generally characterised by delusions, hallucinations, an inability to evaluate objectively and serious defects in judgement and other cognitive processes, examples of such illnesses might be Schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

The encyclopaedia Britannica defines psychosis as 'A severe mental disorder, with or without organic damage, characterized by derangement of personality and loss of contact with reality and causing deterioration of normal social functioning'

A large variety of mental and physical symptoms such as bodily tics, compulsions, phobias and anxiety would be described as neuroses. They are all characterised by having no clear organic or neurological cause and differ from psychosis in that they are all non-specific mental illnesses that can trigger feelings or of distress but do not prevent rational thought, they may impair but not prevent normal social functioning.

Anti-psychotic medication can be used to control the symptoms and people experiencing the condition can have recurrent episodes in response to further stress.

Psychotherapy is known to be an effective treatment in dealing with the emotional stress that triggered the episode, and in helping the person establish coping strategies to minimise the effects of future stressful situations to prevent recurrence.

Psychotherapy is increasingly being looked on as an important alternative to drug therapy alone. One fifth of all patients with long term psychotic illnesses do not respond solely to medication and so using psychotherapy as part of an integrated approach can be very effective. It is important to remember that hypnotherapy is not suitable for use with patients experiencing any form of psychosis.


Verbal Hypnosis Method - The Secret of Conversational Hypnosis

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The subconscious mind is the part of the mind with which the hypnotist wants to communicate. This is the real you, your true personality. It is literal and runs on patterns or programs. It is thousands of percent more powerful than your conscious mind. For example, if I asked you what your mother was wearing when she was first teaching you how to walk I just have the feeling you couldn't tell me. Your subconscious mind could.You can think of your subconscious mind in a few different ways.

It's a very powerful computer running on programming and that programming could be good, bad, or "I'm going to kill you" programming. It doesn't rationalize anything. (Remember that work is done in the conscious mind) So if there is a program running in your subconscious that says something like, "Food equals comfort", then you're going to have a really hard time losing weight unless you find and disable that program! Side note here, for many people food does equal comfort and security. I build the feeling of overeating, regress on it and fix it. Then I take the person to just before they were born. When you were in your mothers belly your security and comfort level was as high as it will ever be, then when you are born it goes to as low as it will ever be... right after birth they put something in your mouth! Actually that's what we do with our children, which reinforces this behavior.

A funny story here... I had a woman come to me a while back who had strong feelings for this guy she had just started dating. In a very bashful way she told me that she got absolutely wasted drunk with him and did certain things with him, if you know what I mean. She couldn't remember certain parts of the evening at all and paid me a good bit of money to retrieve these memories for her. I stepped her through the entire night moving in increments of fifteen minutes and then asking her if she had an awareness of what took place at each stop. Several times, with a smile, she said she did. I spared her the embarrassment of actually telling me what was transpiring. Another interesting fact about regression is once a person has "Regressed", you can move them ahead or back by seconds, minutes, hours or days and the subconscious will go there accurately. This is quite amazing if you think about it.

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